New Year’s Eve 2015

I had the day off today. But I worked. Just at something different than I work at most days. Today I updated the software that I use to create music. The company (Propellerhead) that developed the software I use for my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) had a holiday special, so I upgraded and got a bunch of cool add-ons. Maybe I’ll share some stuff when I get the hang of the new software. Or maybe some stuff from the old version.

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

I decided to go out for dinner tonight. Got to my favorite (only one I go to) restaurant about 7:15 PM  and had some adult beverages and dinner. They were slammed from the New Year’s crowd, people who I’ve rarely or have never seen there. It’s my favorite, so I’m there quite regularly.


It got quite hectic, so I went home about 10:00 PM and decided  to ring in the New Year with the cat. Have I mentioned she’s my most trusted advisor? I think I have. Her advice is iron clad. She has a look that says “Yes, what you’re thinking is correct, and I recommend you follow your thoughts.” She’s sitting on my lap as I type this.

I’m going to go finish work on a song now. See you tomorrow. Happy New Year!

The Power of Words

On the power of what we say and write, and what we hear and read

The words we speak or write possess great power. They go out into the world as an agent of our thoughts, and they do the bidding of those thoughts. Even if we say or write something that we don’t really mean, or that we don’t really want to believe, the words embody and empower our thoughts, and so give those thoughts license to impact the world on our behalf as they will.

words-639303_640That’s why we need to be careful with our words. If we want something wonderful to happen, but we’re afraid that it won’t, we must not validate our fears by embodying and empowering our thoughts about them with words. Let them remain unspoken, without form, and powerless. Read more ruminating

2015 rudyblues Year in Review

A humorous look at year end reviews and business reorganization

Well, my esteemed and gracious readers, it’s nearly the end of another lap around the old neighborhood thermonuclear explosion. This is when many would take pause to reflect on where they started this time around, and to blather on about their many accomplishments. But I, esteemed and gracious readers, am not one of those.

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

However, in a misguided effort to provide complete disclosure and full transparency, and against all the terror-stricken recommendations of my handlers, loved ones, and my cat (my most trusted advisor), I have decided to engage in just such reflection and blathering. Oh, I know, I can hear you now, “No! Please! Not that!” Yes. That. Read more ruminating

Writing as Therapy for “Cowboy Up” Syndrome

Writing as therapy for a man who has trouble admitting he has emotions

The first time I came across this blog thing was in 2004, during the Iraq war. I stumbled onto a political blog and started reading some of the stuff. Lurked for quite some time, finally joined in, made some comments, and wrote some posts. It was easier on a political site because, as the comedians say, the jokes just wrote themselves.

Wyoming_CowboysBut I eventually grew tired of all the rancor and kind of let it drift away. I still go back there from time to time to see what’s the outrage de jour, but I haven’t written anything there in a couple of years. And I rarely participate anymore because politics has just become such a free-for-all pie fight.

Still, I find that I miss writing something and putting it out there to see if anyone notices. Maybe that’s why I’m doing this, but I don’t really know. Perhaps another reason is I’m trying a bit of self-finding, although that sounds quite trite as I say it. I’m finding myself, like I had somehow lost myself. I’m pretty sure I’ve known where I was all along.

But like many of my species (Homo sapiens males) I do have a hard time with those pesky emotions. Expressing them, that is, talking about them. I grew up with that stoic, man up, suppress them at all costs mentality. Oh, I’ve got them all right, big old weepy mounds of them, but talking about them is verboten. At least, it’s always seemed that way. Read more ruminating