The Month in Review: January 2016

Wherein we assess the damage done

A month’s end look at the good, the bad, and the ugly from Rudy’s Ruminations.

Well gentle reader(s), it’s the end of the month. Yeah, I know, where did it go? I thought I would take this opportunity to use some of those nifty stats thingies that the folks at WordPress so kindly provide. Remember, statistics don’t lie. Or is it statisticians that don’t lie? I always forget.

2016-01-Monthly-StatsI’d also like to bring you some of the more popular posts from the past month’s ruminating that you (possibly on purpose) may have missed. Kind of like a Golden Oldies, only not quite so golden, and not really all that old. You work with what you got.

And I’d also like to spotlight some of my beloved follower(s) and maybe convince you to visit them a little more often. Shameless self-promotion only goes so far.

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What Makes Us Laugh?

Depends on where you’re from

They say that laughter is universal. That laughter exists innately in every race and in every culture. Physically tickle a baby anywhere in the world and that baby laughs, even before that baby has learned to speak. Other primate species laugh when physically tickled.

1981_People_PixBut that’s the primate response to physical tickling, to play, which builds social bonds. Homo sapiens has the unique ability to laugh at thoughts, words, and scenes. Where does that come from? And is it as universal as the laughter from physical tickling, from play?

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The Eighth Deadly Sin

As if seven weren’t enough

There’s an Eighth Deadly Sin now? Holy cow, why didn’t somebody tell me about this? Oh man, I’m in deep kimchi now. It was hard enough getting rid of the other seven, now you’re telling me I’ve got one I don’t even know about? Think, think, think, what am I gonna do! Oh, I’m well and truly in trouble now!

Hieronymus_Bosch-_The_Seven_Deadly_Sins_and_the_Four_Last_ThingsWhat’s that? Oh, there’s not really one? I get to make it up? Phew, what a relief! I’ll bet Hieronymus Bosch is relieved to, that he didn’t miss one in the painting he did back then.

Man, you really had me going there for a minute. I gotta sit down for a minute, let my heart rate go down. The Gates of Hell just flashed before my eyes! Old Beelzebub had a one-way ticket with my name on it!

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Saturday Night’s Alright

Get a little action in

So the wonderful folks at the Daily Post want to know about my last big night out. Don’t they realize what a dull thud I am? I think that would be like an ancient history lesson. I don’t have big nights out anymore because what used to take hours to recover from now takes a week to recover from.

320px-Flickr_-_FXR_-_Cut_Copy_(Fans)Although, I must admit, I did go to a friend’s house a few Saturday nights ago and watched some movies. And I stayed out until 11:00! That’s right, 11:00 PM! I was shot all day Sunday. Never made it past the couch. Thank God for Hotpockets or I would have starved, because I wasn’t to be trusted with the instruments required to cook a regular meal.

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