Writing in the Here and Now

Here I am. Right here. Right now. Writing about here and now.


I’m a little tense about writing in the present tense. What if I slip up, and what if what I “say” becomes what I “said?” Will the millions of wonderful writers on the Intertubez beat a path to my virtual front door to heap their scorn upon my stoop in mounds? Will I need a scorn scoop? Or is it a stoop scoop?

words-639303_640I might need to get my old grammar book out to make sure I’m in the present tense. Perhaps I should have said “I need a scorn scoop.” The word “will” implies the future, right? Maybe not, I will see what happens. There it is again. Drat.

In a physics sense we are never truly in the here and now. It takes our brains a fraction of an eye blink to coagulate the physical world that our senses bring to us into the amalgam we perceive as the present, the here and now. So we are playing an eternal game of catch-up with the old space-time continuum, always a few nanoseconds behind.

But here I am, in what we agree is now. Writing. It is a beautiful, blue, sunshiny day, but it is cold. The sun is streaming through the open shades and landing in big patches on the floor. The cat has the right idea. Find a sunny patch and take a nap. Wake only long enough to find the next sunny patch. That’s the life!

I’m off to become the cat! Wish me luck.

Write Here, Write Now

Author: rudyblues57

A fellow traveler in our journey around the neighborhood thermonuclear explosion. Full of random thoughts and esoteric observations about the human condition, how we treat each other, and other detritus of life.

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