May I Have a Word with You?

Conversations kill

“May I have a word with you?” Has anybody ever said this to you? It’s usually not good. And it’s rarely “a word.” It sometimes means you’ve done or said something wrong. And that you’re in for a whipping. It’s liable to be a one-sided conversation. More like a monologue.

words-639303_640“They had words.” Have you ever “had words” with someone? Sounds like you’re sharing an appetizer or a ride. It’s another one that’s rarely good. When you “have words” with someone it’s likely that neither of you really had any words that you didn’t lob at the other. Verbal warfare. Talking to the ex.

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Moving at the Speed of Life

The Theory of Special Relativity of Life

The Daily Prompt today got me thinking about things that seemed to take forever when I was a kid that fly by as an adult, and things that flashed by as a kid but are interminable now. I think we can all come up with some examples, and my older reader(s) may come up with a few more.

So I thought “Wait a minute, wasn’t there some fancy physics thingie about that?” So I Googled and, sure enough, Albert Einstein did indeed postulate the Theory of Special Relativity. So I thought “Well, that must be the reason.”

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I Just Want to Tell You How Proud I Am of You


One of the responsibilities of my job is to create and conduct technical training courses. The subject matter covers a range of products and technologies that the company sells. Some of the products are simple, requiring little more than a few minutes to master. Some are quite complex, requiring a lot of hands-on and situational training to grasp.

My students, dealer technicians and some company employees, come from a very diverse background. Many of the dealer technicians have little more than a rural public high school education. Most can read, but perhaps not comprehend, and write, with rudimentary math and science skills. The company employees often have college degrees, but usually not in technical fields, so in some respects they’re not much further along than the dealer technicians.

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A Passion for Compassion

What we all need more of

The Good Samaritan

OK, so the Daily Post people want me to brag on myself for the Daily Prompt about my favorite thing about myself. Man, this is not my strong suit. Can I just take a beating instead?

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

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