Is It Inevitable, Unavoidable or Just Unpreventable?

When you just can’t help it


Is it inevitable? Or is it unavoidable? Or is it unpreventable?

words-639303_640Unpreventable implies that there is no preventative method available, as in disease. You can’t currently prevent the Zika virus if you are bitten by an infected mosquito because there is currently no preventative method available.

However, the Zika virus is not unavoidable. Stay away from mosquitos. And it is certainly not inevitable. It’s possible that even if you are bitten by an infected mosquito the virus will not successfully infect you.

Unavoidable implies that, due to circumstances, one is unable to avoid something. It can also imply that a different set of circumstances would yield the same result. If you are in an automobile accident, then a trip to the auto body shop may be unavoidable, whether you are in a single car accident, or a multiple car pileup.

However, that trip to the body shop is not unpreventable. Drive more carefully. Or take the bus. And it doesn’t seem to be inevitable, because being in an accident does not mean your car is inevitably damaged. Just usually.

Inevitable has a temporal connotation, a natural consequence after or because of something else. It is going to happen by its very nature. It was necessary due to what went before.

Something that is inevitable seems to be unavoidable and unpreventable. But the subtle differences in the words makes me think not. English is weird.

It is inevitable that rudyblues would engage in the unavoidable word play that is unpreventable in the English language.


Author: rudyblues57

A fellow traveler in our journey around the neighborhood thermonuclear explosion. Full of random thoughts and esoteric observations about the human condition, how we treat each other, and other detritus of life.

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