I Object to this Object!

An objective review of objects

I think we all have too many objects. In fact, I object to how many objects I can see just sitting here at my desk. Why do I need all these objects? Some of them I haven’t touched in years. But they’re still here, cluttering up the place. Maybe I should go through them to see if I can get rid of some of them.

Thomas_Wijck_Alchemist_in_his_Study_FA_2000.001.280There’s the PC, of course, and the monitor, mouse and keyboard, and speakers. Those are at least immediately useful. Not so much later, after I finish this. But I suppose I’ll need them tomorrow, so I probably don’t want to get rid of those objects. I object to all the wires that a PC seems to attract.

There’s a cup full of pens and pencils. I’m sure most of the pens haven’t been exercised in years, probably all dried and crusty. I could use them as scribes, I suppose. The erasers on all the pencils are dried and hard and will probably disintegrate into dust if I try to use them for their intended purpose. They’ll leave those pinkish smears on the paper and won’t erase anything. At least the lead in the pencils is still useful. One benefit of pencils is that the lead never dries up.

There’s a rod from a Venetian blind. What’s that here for? Oh, I’ve been meaning to fix it, the little plastic whatzit that keeps it attached to the tilting mechanism is broken. I suppose I could move that. Maybe later I’ll move it to the work bench. Won’t reduce the number of objects, just change their distribution.

There’s a pile of papers I’ve been meaning to file. I suppose I could do that, but it really wouldn’t reduce the number of objects, it would just hide some of them from view. I currently have two big filing cabinets of objects that I’m hiding from view. I may have to add a third because there are so many objects I want to hide from view.

There’s a little electronic device that continuously flashes the temperature and the humidity of the room. As long as I‘m comfortable, I think its sole purpose is to state the obvious, again and again. Doesn’t seem necessary unless there’s a big, rapid change. Like the town crier saying, “All is well.” Tell me when it’s not well!

There’s a stapler. I haven’t stapled anything in years. I wonder why it’s still here. A couple of old batteries I’ve been meaning to take to the recycle center. Taking batteries to the battery recycle center would reduce the number of objects. I think I’ll do that. Maybe tomorrow.

There’s a bookcase next to the desk. It has five shelves, plus the top. There’s so many objects on the shelves that another object would have to find a home somewhere else. Mostly books. Oh, look, there’s a dead printer. I should take it to the recycle center along with the batteries.

Most of the books on the shelves are like the pens and pencils. They haven’t been opened in years. A book on Windows 95, that’s relevant. Another one called “The Internet Direct Connect Kit.” I think it had a floppy disk that came with it that had an early America Online membership. Does anybody use America Online anymore? Besides my mother?

All this time, and I’ve only managed to get rid of three objects. No wonder there’s so many. By the way, in case any of you were thinking about it, please don’t get me anything for my birthday or Christmas this year. I have too many objects already. Buy yourself something instead. I’m sure you can use it.


Author: rudyblues57

A fellow traveler in our journey around the neighborhood thermonuclear explosion. Full of random thoughts and esoteric observations about the human condition, how we treat each other, and other detritus of life.

3 thoughts on “I Object to this Object!”

  1. LOL! I used a stapler yesterday. The $.97 kind, which means I have to help bend the staples so folks won’t rip into their fingers while reading my special paper. If yours is better, I’ll trade you my Windows 98 book for it.

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  2. Oh dear… I went from 98 to XP, no ME. I also skipped Vista and am holding the fort against Windows 10, which means I also still have a pink barrette from 1969. A big one. It still works. Alright, you’re never going to settle for that, but my cousin may still have her Commodore manual. Take it or leave it, final offer.

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