Compare and Contrast

The same, only different

So the Daily Post wants me to write a post about the word contrast. So I think, “Yeah, I can do this. I’ll do a compare and contrast essay.”

words-639303_640Then I begin to think, “Hmm, wonder what I could compare and contrast that wouldn’t involve too much, because time and all, and well, reasons.” So I begin pondering what to compare and contrast, with a keen eye towards something that’s easy, that I can do in a short session. And I ponder. And ponder. And then it hits me. Let’s compare and contrast the words compare and contrast! Brilliant!

So I trot off to find the dictionary and begin with definitions of both words. Well, actually, I started up the Google machine, but the word trotted implies action, and I want all of you to think of rudyblues as a Real Man of Action. A Real Man of Action doesn’t Google, he trots off.

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In a Sentimental Mood

I just can’t fight this feeling

“Now don’t go all sentimental on us rudyblues.”

words-639303_640What? You want a post on the word sentimental, but I can’t get sentimental? That seems a bit constraining.

“Yes, we realize it’s difficult, but you do remember what happens when you wax nostalgic, don’t you? You get all weepy, and it kind of creeps us out.”

So you’re after an unsentimental post about sentimental? A cold, dispassionate analysis of a warm, passionate expression of sentiment?

“That’s exactly what we’re after! We want sentimental without all the ‘mental’ part.”

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All Those Connections but Still Disconnected

The human touch in the connected age

If you’re reading this, I’ll bet it’s not on a printed page. I know I didn’t print it for you. You’re reading it on your Internet connection. Many people, though not all people, have Internet connections. Some have more than one. An Internet connection has become so pervasive that many people feel you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t have one.

Friedrich_Friedländer_Die_DorfpolitikerYou and I can’t make this connection save for the Internet. It’s doubtful that this piece I’m writing will ever make it to print, much less find its way to you, wherever you are. So the only way that you can read it is through your Internet connection. We connected on our connections.

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Is It Inevitable, Unavoidable or Just Unpreventable?

When you just can’t help it

Is it inevitable? Or is it unavoidable? Or is it unpreventable?

words-639303_640Unpreventable implies that there is no preventative method available, as in disease. You can’t currently prevent the Zika virus if you are bitten by an infected mosquito because there is currently no preventative method available.

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