That Which You Cannot Have

I long for a longing

Longing. What an odd word. A strong, persistent desire for something, especially something that is distant or unattainable. A yearning. How did the word that we use to describe a physical property, as in “one meter long”, come to be synonymous with desire, as in “I long for your touch?” No wonder people have trouble learning English!

words-639303_640The two meanings grew up together about 1,100 years ago. There were cognates (similar words) in most of the other contemporary Germanic languages. So it seems like everybody was working on this relationship between a physical property and strong desire.

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Long Divisions

Why we’re still Us and Them

Mankind has been dividing itself for millennia. We are so divisive that it is wired into the more primitive areas of our brains. Some of the oldest areas of the human brain, those that we probably inherited from our progenitors on the evolutionary tree, are the parts that deal with distinguishing who looks like us and who doesn’t.

Pithecanthropus_alalusWe are so good at this that the primitive areas of our brains can make the call in milliseconds. We are hard-wired to discriminate. It’s a survival strategy that evolution adapted for in time immemorial. We needed to know in a heartbeat whether to keep on eating or to hotfoot it out of there!

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What’s the Big Secret?

Why are we obsessed with secrecy?

The Daily Post people are at it again! Today they gave me a Daily Prompt that just said Secret. What? Didn’t we just go through this? I thought I set the record straight on keeping secrets in this post.

BuddhaTruthQuoteBut no, they have more secrets they want me to keep. Or maybe they want to know mine? Well, do you want to know a secret? You do? Well crap! I don’t have any. Maybe I can make one up. Will that satisfy your incessant need for secrets?

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