A Sublime Saturday

A simply sublime Saturday morning post


Spring is coming soon to the Great Lakes region of the U.S. Nature gave us a bit of a preview in February. Temperatures rose to near 60° F for about 48 hours, and rain fell in buckets to wash away the snow. All that was left behind was the messy, black kind of snow, pushed up into mounds around the parking lots.crocus-in-snow But it was just a tease, and it turned colder again. Still, with the snow cover gone, the cold just doesn’t seem as cold. We’re thawing.

Now that the snow is gone, it’s easy to see the plant life, ready to spring back into action. And easy to see the detritus that winter has left behind in the yard. I’ll have to clean that up. This isn’t a terrible time of year, with the first hints of spring. But it makes me anxious for the real thing to arrive.

The first Saturday in March arrived gloriously today. The sky is clear and cloudless, the sun is bright, the temperatures near 50° F, another reminder that spring is nearly here. The cat and I sat in the big window this morning, basking in the sunlight, recharging our batteries. She’s still there. I have chores. But Saturday was still supremely sublime.

Author: rudyblues57

A fellow traveler in our journey around the neighborhood thermonuclear explosion. Full of random thoughts and esoteric observations about the human condition, how we treat each other, and other detritus of life.

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