The Week that Was: February 26, 2018 – March 4, 2018

Chipping away at the intertubes, one week at a time

A review of the past week’s mayhem from Rudy’s Ruminations.

Holy cow, gentle reader(s)! Where did this week go? It feels like I just finished writing last week’s “The Week that Was” and here it’s time for another one. Old rudyblues may have bitten off a tough chew here. Here’s more of those nifty stats thingies for this week. And the week’s least egregious posts, as determined by you lovely reader(s). Go reader(s)! Go reader(s)!WeekChart-26Feb18-04Mar18

And a spotlight for one of my NEW beloved follower(s) who joined this week. Now seriously, you should visit them. Anyone who puts up with Rudy’s Ruminations in their reader stream deserves nothing less than a Nobel prize. And unless you’re on the Nobel committee, I’m thinking the only thing they’re gonna get out of me in their reader stream is a visit from you. So help a brother out here.

So let’s get started. Remember, the sooner we start the sooner you can get back to doing something with a higher rate of return, like filing your nails, or brushing the cat. So, follow me below the fold, for gosh sakes!


We had 69 total views during the week of February 18th to February 25th. Either some people stay up really late, or I’ve got reader(s) on the other side of the globe, because there were only 66 views when I published at 10 PM. I thought that week was awesome, but this week you guys really rocked it! Views were over 100 for this week! As always, it helps when you post something. But 100 views for the week is quite an accomplishment, and I think that each and every on of you should take a bow. Or a curtsy, if that’s your custom. We don’t judge.


Visitors went to 50 this week, up from 39 last week. That’s an increase, but not as dramatic as the increase you see when you don’t post for a week and then post seven days in a row. How can we keep visitor levels rising at those higher rates? A free pony with every visit? That’s a lot of ponies, where would I store them? Improve the writing? Did I mention there’s a free pony with each visit?


Likes were up from 56 to more than 75 this weeks as well. So let’s see, 100 views, and 75 likes, so nearly three out of four viewers either liked what they read, or they mistook the little “Like” star for the back arrow. I’m sticking with the former. Mistaken likes are still likes in my book, though. I’m keeping them.


Comments went up to 25 from 17 the week before. It’s possible that old rudyblues’ writing just doesn’t generate that much discussion (don’t make eye contact with him, maybe he won’t notice we’re here). I’m sure comments will go up once people start leaving their shipping addresses for those free ponies.


Here are the three most popular (I’m using that term loosely) posts for the week, as of publication time:

I’m Not Above It – posted March 2, 2108 – 15 views

I Can’t Stop This Feeling! – posted February 27, 2018 – 15 views

A Sublime Saturday – posted March 3, 2018 – 11 views


Again, we added four new followers this week. Again, I’m hoping that at least one of them followed willfully, and not under duress. Here’s a pitch for one of my NEW wonderful follower(s):

Shards of Being Me – Charisma

-Your imperfections characterise your individuality

In her own words:

Just another 18 year old dreamer, trying to catch her dreams.

Here’s a lovely photo gallery from Charisma.

Well, that’s all folks! Move along now, nothing more to see here. Stop back next week for more arcane, esoteric and all-around useless information!

Until then, I bid you all a fond adieu, sans the little apostrophe, or whatever that thing is that the French are able to make on their keyboards that I never can. Happy blogging!

Author: rudyblues57

A fellow traveler in our journey around the neighborhood thermonuclear explosion. Full of random thoughts and esoteric observations about the human condition, how we treat each other, and other detritus of life.

2 thoughts on “The Week that Was: February 26, 2018 – March 4, 2018”

  1. Thank you soooooooo much. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Well, honestly, this made my day complete. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s night over here, so a very good night. And have a great day ahead. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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