Throwback Thursday – March 15, 2018

All the content with half the work!


Greetings, esteemed reader(s). It’s rudyblues here. Time again for another edition of  everyone’s some people’s rudyblues’ favorite feature, Throwback Thursday! Let’s take a walk down Memory Lane (hopefully avoiding Alzheimer’s Alley) and check out a chestnut from the past.

ThrowbackThursdayAs some of you know (unwillingly, perhaps), Throwback Thursday is a recurring feature here at Rudy’s Ruminations. The intent is to reacquaint my gentle reader(s) with some of my lesser known earlier work. That and I’m looking for ways to keep slacking off.

Here’s how this Throwback Thursday thing works. I take this nifty boilerplate post I’ve created, add the date, a link to a previous post, and a short paragraph extolling the virtues of the previously unrecognized gem you have the opportunity to read. You get the Throwback Thursday post in your reader stream, click the link to the previous post, and enjoy the (not so) great literary stylings of rudyblues. I get views, clicks, and possibly visits. You get . . .  well, I’m not exactly clear on what you get, I was hoping to come up with something more for you, perhaps later. So here we go.


This is a post I did back in January 2016, when I was still getting to know this blogging thing. I believe it was in response to a Daily Prompt from the Daily Post people. When I wrote it I didn’t think too much of it, but in hindsight I think it might have spoken to many people over a long period of time. It still gets views now and again. I hope you’ll read it, and I hope enjoy it. Thank you for taking the time.

Fashion Sensations of my Youth

Throwback Thursday – March 1, 2018

All the content with half the work!

Greetings, esteemed reader(s). It’s rudyblues here. Well, it’s March 1st, and March is sure coming in like a lion here in the upper Midwest of the United States! Lashing rains, dark brooding clouds, gusting winds. In other words, spring is just around the corner!

ThrowbackThursdayI thought I’d introduce a new recurring feature here at Rudy’s Ruminations called “Throwback Thursdays.” My intent here is to dredge up some of my under-performing loser posts reacquaint my gentle reader(s) with some of my lesser known earlier work. That and I’m looking for ways to keep the content flowing while slacking off.

I’m not sure exactly how I want to format this feature, so for this issue I’m linking to the original post as well as copying it into this post. Future issues of Throwback Thursday may follow a different format. If any of you have any recommendations, please leave me a comment, and thanks for reading.

Since the U.S. election season is upon us, I thought it would be a great time to resurrect an explanation of how we vote here in the U.S. This post first appeared in Rudy’s Ruminations on February 1, 2016, in response to a Daily Post prompt. Link here, text below the fold.

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Passing the Time

A Sunday short story

The summer seemed to last forever. The heat and humidity, the worst anyone could remember, even oppressed the passage of time.

“Gonna be another scorcher, huh Bub.”

OldFrontPorch“Yep, reckon so Jimmy.”

Time inched forward on Bub’s front porch, Bub in his rocker, Jimmy on the steel glider. Flies buzzed, birds chirped, cicadas sang. Creation’s symphony.

“Never known it like this for such a spell, have you Bub?”

“Nope, don’t recall the likes a this’n.”

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Welcome Back

A Sunday Short Story with a side of irony

A searing light invaded his consciousness, from everywhere at once, so bright he wanted to turn away. As he tried to move, every bone, tendon, ligament, fiber and nerve screamed in an excruciating chorus of pain. The pain was instantaneous, as if by a switch, so intense his consciousness recoiled back.

320px-Operating_theatreConsciousness returned, the light, less bright, the pain, dulled. He heard air, moving slowly, punctuated by high chirps and low murmurs, swirling, a cacophony. As he tried to separate them he suddenly smelled heavy, medicinal, antiseptic odors, layer upon layer, unidentifiable as the sounds were indecipherable. Consciousness, overwhelmed, retreated again.

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Leaving Every Day

A short story for Sunday

The train was there again, on the sidetrack, by the water crane. Steam escaped with sighs of relief. Molly watched from her perch as the fireman loaded the tender’s water tanks. Coal-black clouds swirled when the fuel bunker filled.

LocomotiveWateringShe knew the fireman would soon disappear into the locomotive’s cab to stoke the firebox. Thick black smoke would curl idly through the fire tubes, into the smokebox, escaping through the stack. One long whistle by the engineer meant the boiler was back to pressure, followed by an enormous belch of steam and smoke and cinders, and the train would move.

It would build speed again, each steamy huff arriving sooner than the last, and Molly would wonder, as she always did, where the train was going. She would try to imagine what that place was like, how it felt to be on the train, going somewhere other than Clay County. She’d been to Iola, and to Louisville, the County seat. But she knew there was more than Clay County.

The train disappeared over the horizon, the only reminder a ragged stripe of dark grey puffs swirling in the summer breeze. Molly sat while her imagination finished its journey to all the places she knew she would never see. She roused, slowly returning to Clay County, and started the long walk from the hill overlooking the railroad tracks to the chores that waited for her on the family farm. She’d come to the hill tomorrow, to let her imagination travel again.

[Author’s note: this is a stab at short fiction, it came in at 250 words. Feedback?]

A Most Fascinating System

Explaining the U.S. electoral system to Commander Data


COMANDER DATA stands next to the empty Captain’s chair observing stars whizzing by on the forward viewing screen. The bridge is alive with the usual Star Trek bustle. RUDYBLUES materializes, transporter style, on the other side of the Captain’s chair.


data2Hello, Mr. rudyblues. Did the request signal work properly?


Yep, I saw the episode where you’re writing poetry for your cat and zoomed right over, or up, or forward, or where ever I zoomed.

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The Day the Computers Died

The future as the past

I remember the day the computers died. It started out like any other day. My smart phone woke me at the appointed hour. I picked it up and looked through the Tweets and Instagrams and posts and comments that had come in while I was sleeping.

Kept seeing this one tweet that got retweeted over and over about HEMP, but I figured it was Colorado bragging about legalizing pot, so I didn’t pay any attention to them. I went downstairs and used the IoT app on my smart phone to tell the Kuerig machine to make me some coffee.

320px-Castle_Bravo_BlastI checked the home command center to see if anything had happened to any of the home appliances or systems while I was sleeping. The only thing that was there was the refrigerator telling me that the milk was past its date. I told the refrigerator to tell the smart phone to put it on the order for Pea Pod.

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