Life in the Rear View Mirror

In hindsight, I’ll take foresight


Hindsight. It’s a strange little word. It grew from a very literal definition, around 1806, meaning the rear sight of a gun, into a very figurative one by 1856, meaning the ability to tell, after the fact, what should have been. I suppose it still means the rear sight of a gun, but most English speakers would probably default to the more contemporary definition, and wonder what went wrong.

IMG_5481Foresight might be the antonym of hindsight, in more ways than one. It might even be the vaccine for hindsight. If you have foresight, there may be no need for hindsight. If you had the foresight, then the bad thing you need hindsight to see might not happen. Hindsight generally has a negative connotation, something didn’t pan out as you expected, and foresight, generally a positive one. I’ll take foresight over hindsight any day.

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Things That I Used to Do

That I’ll never do again

“Things that I used to do. Lord, I don’t do no more.” That’s the start of a 1953 recording by Guitar Slim. It was quite popular back in the day. It’s a song about unrequited love, but many things that make us say “Never Again” are about things unrequited. Love is just one of them.

Usually, when we do something or try something that disappoints us, our disappointment can be traced to becoming too invested in the thing, sometimes to the point that the thing will never live up to our expectations. That restaurant that everyone is talking about, that you’re so eager to try, that you’ve been dying to eat at all week, sometimes it’s just not all that. The restaurant may be all that, but you became so invested that even all that isn’t enough. So you say never again. You’re anticipation was unrequited.

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As You Enter the Next Stage of Your Life

Why they won’t let me give the commencement address

Good afternoon. I’m rudyblues, Class of [mumble cough cough]. I’d like to thank the College and the esteemed Faculty for inviting me to speak today. This is a most auspicious day for the Graduates of the Class of 2016, and I think we all should take a moment to applaud each other for a job well done.

[A round of applause wells up]

W&J_Commencement_1929Members of the Class of 2016, I don’t know if anyone has told you this yet, but if not, allow me to be the first. You are well and truly screwed. Unless you’re a trust fund baby, you have just signed on to a debt that could take you the rest of your life to repay. You took on this debt to leverage a gamble, to place a little wager.

The gamble is that the completion of your higher education will ensure that you land a job that will allow you to make enough money to repay the debt. And it’s a risky wager. You’ve got more balls than The Donald. He always plays with house money. You’re playing with money that should be buying your house!

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Statistics Don’t Lie

I’m not a statistician, and I don’t play one on TV

Back at the end of January 2106 I put up a little “Month in Review” post in which I reviewed the stats for the month’s posts. Yes, the numbers were paltry, but I did it anyway. So get over it. I’m doing it again at the end of February. And March. And April. Do you see the pattern yet? I’m giving you ample warning to change the channel.

WordPressPublishControlMy friends at the Daily Post are asking me to compare and contrast my top three posts to see if they can shame me into shutting this thing down if I can find out why they were successful and if there’s a connection between them. I’ll admit that when I did my month’s-end review I wasn’t looking for connections. I was just glad there were some numbers to report.

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By Any Other Name

Why are we anonymous?

Would I rename myself? Don’t most of us when we come into this Internet world? There are very few who put their real name on the shingles they hang on the Internet. I would argue that a substantial majority of the posts and comments and presences on the Internet are anonymous. I know I am. And I don’t know why.

Why am I afraid to put my real name out there? It’s there, you just have to look for it. It’s not because I don’t like my given name. A name is just a word, a concept, a symbol, that’s all. It doesn’t mean anything, except I think it means me. But there are hundreds, maybe thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people with the same name. Maybe it doesn’t really mean me, the one here, the one inside my head. And I don’t know why.

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A Bridge Too Far

Sometimes it’s just too far

How far would I travel for the best meal of my life? I suspect I’m more of an “eat to live” type than a “live to eat” type. I can make something in the kitchen that, at least to my palette, rivals anything I can get in a restaurant.

UnionBridgeBut don’t get me wrong, I do love dining out, trying new and unusual fare. It’s often how I bring new tastes into my kitchen. There are also places I like to go to that serve up old favorites, especially dishes that are too messy to attempt at home.

One such place is in a rural setting in the U.S. State of Indiana, in a little town called Eugene. It’s an out-of-the-way place called the Covered Bridge Restaurant. It got its name from the old covered bridge on the edge of the property that once carried the County highway across the Vermilion River that runs along the north side of the establishment. The old bridge was long ago replaced with a new, modern, soulless concrete span, but the last time I was there the old covered bridge was still standing. I hope it’s still standing.

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The Music Critic’s Review of Rudy’s Ruminations

A bit of self-criticism

Once again, the folks at the Daily Post have asked me to don my music critic mantle and provide a review of “the subject you usually blog about.” So naturally I had to go back and see if there was a subject or a theme or even a thread that ran through my posts. Seemed like a good place to start.

Aztec_drums,_Florentine_Codex.So, what do you suppose I found? Well, if your anything like my other gentle reader(s) you probably know what I found. Zip. Squat. Nada. Bupkus. This catalog is the most random, eclectic bunch of hot mess that this reviewer has ever laid eyes on! Let’s take a walk through the wasteland that is Rudy’s Ruminations, shall we?

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