Ooh. Hi. Sorry. Forgot to Write.

It’s that guy who never called after the first date

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It’s been three months since my last post. It’s like I’m ghosting my lovely reader(s). Again.


Well, rudyblues, my son, you do have a proclivity for shallow and superficial commitments. I’m sure you remember the initial euphoria you felt when you said you were going to learn German.

Yes, yes father, I do. I really meant to learn German. It would have been a tremendous boon to my career.

Yes, it would have been very beneficial, rudyblues. But, as with most of your endeavors, you soon lost interest.

I don’t know, father. Is it really losing interest when something new interests you more? I mean, I’m still interested in my lovely reader(s).

I suppose not, rudyblues. After all, each of us has only a limited time on this earth. Each of our interests consumes some of that time. But think about how your lovely reader(s) must feel. You simply disappeared, without a word. You could have at least said goodbye.

Yes, yes, you’re right, father, you’re always right. I should have at least let my lovely reader(s) know that I had a new interest. And that I was still interested in them, but that I might not have as much time to devote to them. Do you think they’ll forgive me?

I don’t know, rudyblues. Maybe you should ask them.

Okay, I’ll ask them. Lovely reader(s), will you  . . . OOH! LOOK! SOMETHING SHINY!

Talkin’ ’bout my Generation

A short and unscientific history of generational labelling

I popped open the Reader today and saw a post here on My Friday Blog that was an open letter to Millennials about generational labels. I know the post was just some lighthearted ribbing (it was lighthearted, right Josh? Right?) but it got me thinking about the labels that we have come to use to describe different generations of (mostly) Americans. So I wrote my own “open letter” to Millennials. With the utmost respect to Josh.

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