The Physiology of Words (choose them carefully)

There’s a reason that word makes you mad …

words-639303_640I like to think about words. I’m no linguist, I just like thinking about words. Words are symbols. Now, I’m also no neuroscientist, but I’ve read that we use the symbols to represent the various chemical reactions and electrical connections that occur as our brains process the stimuli from our environment. Those reactions and connections are sometimes called our “thoughts”, but they say thoughts are truly just chemical reactions and electrical connections in the brain. The symbols, the words, can also catalyze reactions and connections, when our brains process the sounds we hear as stimuli into symbols. Read more ruminating

Grandma’s House

Childhood memories of favorite places are tonic for the soul

Harper's_New_Monthly_Magazine_Volume_104_December_1901_to_May_1902_(1902)_(14781045774)Grandma’s house was tiny when I returned to see it, all those years later. She moved there after Grandpa passed, when I was young, perhaps three or four. They say the old place was just too big for her to handle. As a child, I thought Grandma’s house was enormous and wonderful. I like the childhood memories best.

It was a block off the town square, on a quiet tar-and-chip street with a pronounced crown. Between the street and the cracked, uneven public sidewalk was a deep drainage ditch, deeper than I was tall. You could sit at the bottom, in the closely mown grass, lose sight of the world around you, and watch the clouds drift, puffy balls. Read more ruminating