About Rudy’s Ruminations

Rudy’s Ruminations is the random thoughts of rudyblues in no particular order and for no particular reason. Any resemblance to anything else is purely coincidental and wholly unintentional.

I’ll try to write about things that make you say “Hmm, I never thought about it like that,” or “Wow, I didn’t know that.” Other times I may just write how I’m feeling, or maybe a piece that just falls out of the ends of my fingers and spills onto the keyboard.

If something strikes you, let me know. If you think I’m full of beans (or too full of myself), let me know as well.

If you feel that you own any of these thoughts or images, please, take them back, I hope they’re not damaged by the time they’ve spent here with me.

About rudyblues



rudyblues is the online pseudonym of Jeff Hunt, a wholly unremarkable specimen of the homo sapiens male from the Midwest Southwest of the United States of America. He lives quietly, some 40 16.5 miles or so from Chicago Phoenix, Illinois Arizona, with his cat master Jenna and his thoughts.


Cat Master Jenna

Musician, avowed tech nerd, wannabe writer, 60-something, bleeding heart, cat person, blogging a little, working on life’s mysteries without so much as a clue.

You might ask, “Why rudyblues?”

Someone once commented that I bore a striking resemblance to a picture of Rudy Giulliani, the former mayor of New York. It stuck. Then I was looking for a band name and thought, “What about the Rudy Blues?” Thankfully, it didn’t stick (with the band) but did stick in my mind. Hence, rudyblues.